The team at Brew knows how to re-inforce its brand image without compromising its accessibility. They create content that’s akin to a short newspaper article: it begins with a 1-2 sentence paragraph with a key news point or Brew update. They also don’t follow complicated copywriting advice, instead using short, sharp notifications. Generally, they use copywriting best practices that are common to small companies, but don’t use them to the maximum.

Morning Brew is a 5-minute read

The daily news digest Morning Brew is free and claims to make you smarter in five minutes. The content is curated from major business publications, but it doesn’t replace other news sources. It’s a great way to get the latest information, even if you’re not a marketing professional. You can read a few articles each day for valuable insights and tips on marketing your business.

The content of Morning Brew is entertaining and informative. The authors sprinkle in trivia and interesting facts to keep their readers entertained. For example, you’ll find a crossword puzzle in their email. The content is clearly separated into sections, and there’s no need to waste time reading old articles that don’t interest you. You won’t miss anything – and you’ll never miss a story again!

It uses humor to make it fun

There are several ways to successfully use humor in advertising. However, the key is to avoid sexy jokes that are offensive to people of any age or gender. This is especially important in beer marketing where alcohol is present, as sexist jokes are generally frowned upon. Using humor to promote beer can be a fun and effective marketing strategy, but there are certain guidelines to follow. Here are three examples of successful beer marketing campaigns.

It monetizes through referrals

The way Marketing Brew monetizes through referral program is unique. Referrals aren’t created overnight, but they’re a proven, sustainable way for any product to grow. In addition to its free rewards, the program also offers an attractive tier-progression structure. The company’s founder, Tyler Denk, details the referral program in Appendix D. You can learn more about it here.

The company’s e-newsletter is focused on business-minded millennials, a niche market for advertising. The site has sponsored native content from brands including Casper, Discover Card, and Duke University. Its content is tailored to younger consumers, who prefer mobile interactions over desktop or television. Morning Brew relies on referrals and an ambassador program of 700+ students to attract new customers. Its daily open rate hovers around 50%.

It uses third-party software for its referral program

Referral Factory helps marketers create a customized referral page in just minutes. The software’s built-in ‘page builder’ tool helps marketers customize their referral pages, keeping the look and feel of their brand in mind. Its sophisticated reporting and data analytics help marketers maximize the potential of their referral program. And, thanks to its customer support, it’s simple to set up and use. It also has a variety of integration options, including popular ecommerce platforms.

Referral software provides a host of benefits, including easy setup, built-in fraud detection, custom commissions, and support for a variety of marketing channels. Referral Rock supports a variety of platforms, including WooCommerce, MemberPress, PayPal, and Easy Digital Downloads. The referral software also supports a variety of email marketing platforms, including email marketing services. To get the most out of referral marketing software, select a platform that supports a variety of marketing channels.

It uses a progress bar to motivate subscribers to bring in new referrals

Morning Brew has been using visuals to motivate subscribers to bring in new referrals right from the first email. The newsletter includes a referral link that a subscriber can use to unlock a premium Sunday newsletter reward. The program visualizes a progress bar so that the subscriber knows how far they have come. Reminder emails are sent at regular intervals to encourage new referrals.