The method of hybridization is used everywhere today. Its essence is to combine the best elements of different phenomena to get an even better result. Do not neglect this method and the providers of online gambling. This article discusses roulette variants created by combining with other popular games that are offered in casinos. If you want to find a reliable online casino to play, you will need the best online casino reviews

An interesting option of roulette from Playtech

It is known that to play roulette, you need to bet on a number from 0 to 36. The winning bet is determined by chance. The result is completely unpredictable. Usually against the rotation of the roulette wheel, a ball is thrown, which will indicate the lucky number. Playtech has come up with a fairer way to determine the winner. Their version of roulette uses pinball mechanics to randomly generate the winning number. Bets are placed using the traditional roulette table. Players then see a pinball screen.

A special piston is used to launch the ball into the playing area. Caught on the bumpers, the ball repeatedly changes the direction of motion, which further increases the randomness of the winnings. At the bottom of the screen each player can see a special strip on which there are holes corresponding to the numbers in the table. The sequence of numbers is similar to that on the standard roulette wheel.

The only difference is that the numbers are arranged horizontally, not along the circumference. This strip is moving, and the ball ends up in a particular hole. Its number and is considered a winner. The payment of the winnings is carried out in the usual mode. To make bets on pinball roulette winnings obtained on other pinball machines can be used. The described type of roulette is available in any of the Playtech casinos.

Solution from WagerWorks

WagerWorks has also developed unique hybrid types of roulette. Double Bonus Spin provides the ability to make multiple free spins. This feature came to roulette from the world of video slots. Fans of online slot machines know that the appearance on the reels of a certain combination of symbols guarantees the opportunity to make several free spins.

Double Bonus Spin uses a very similar option. The roulette wheel here has a special yellow section, which does not have its own number. If the ball stops on it, the player is given a bonus spin. There is no need to make an additional bet. If the bonus is double, then two lights rotate around the wheel and two numbers are winning. The bet wins if placed on either of these two numbers. The payout remains the same as the regular spin.

WagerWorks has also created a three-wheel roulette. In this case, they borrowed from video poker the ability to “play multiple hands.” This means that players are allowed to bet on a certain number of hands. This makes it possible to determine which hands are best to play. Three roulette wheels rotate simultaneously, but they are independent of each other. Bets should be made on the common field. They are applied simultaneously to two wheels. The set of holes is also common. When the roulettes stop, three numbers win. For each of them, prize payouts are made. If three zeros are rolled, the payout is 1,000 to 1. You can play three-wheel roulette and roulette with bonus spins at all WagerWorks casinos.

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