For most experienced owners of online stores, the fact that the appearance of the product’s web page directly affects the level of sales is obvious. It is on the web page that the buyer receives all the information about the product and decides whether he should buy the product. To create the right product web page, you should know the basic principles of usability, which are presented in this article. Of course, one of the best ways to determine the convenience of a site is to communicate with its visitors. Do surveys among your target audience, as well as conduct usability testing of your store, and then you can accurately determine what your project needs to increase sales.

High-quality product visualization

It is very important for the user to visually observe the goods. Modern technologies are already sufficiently developed to provide the buyer with high-resolution photos and videos of goods. A 360-degree view is becoming increasingly popular among online stores. The visitor should get the maximum amount of information about the appearance of the product from his photos, so as not to be afraid of a mistake in the purchase.

Fast loading

No matter how high-quality and informative the images of your products are, they lose their meaning if they load too slowly. High download speed increases the usability of the site and saves the time of your customers. The reason for slow loading is not always the images. It is important that a large number of DNS records and HTTP requests do not slow down the site. Make sure that the user query time is minimal. To ensure good download speeds, it is also very important to place your project on a good hosting with high uptime and powerful servers, such as this one

Detailed description

Since the product web page acts as a consultant in a real store, it should be able to answer any customer questions. But to increase usability, just the amount of information is not enough. It should be well structured and readable. The user should not be loaded with excessive text, being able to easily navigate it and search for the necessary information.


If your online store has a large number of products and there are filters that can prevent the user from seeing some products, then it’s worth making a convenient navigation between them. There are several ways to show the client the products that are most likely of interest to him.

  • “recommended products”;
  • “related products”;
  • “we watched along with this product”;
  • “bought with this product”.

Call to action

When the user has found the product and got acquainted with it, it should prompt him to action. This must be done correctly and clearly.

The basic rules of a good CTA are:

  • brevity and focus on action, for example, the buttons “Buy Now” and “Add to Cart”;
  • It should be noticeable, bright and eye-catching;
  • CTA should be clear and not too intrusive.

The trust

The customer will not make a purchase in the online store if he does not trust him. This is primarily due to the online payment for goods in such stores. At this point, do not be shy to fill your site with trust signs. This is just the case when you can not be afraid to go too far. The main thing is that this information is presented correctly and does not put pressure on the user, but only gives him confidence in trusting the online store

Product Availability Information

This is another very effective way to increase the usability of an online store. It is necessary for the user to see if the desired product is in stock at the storehouse. If the client immediately sees that the desired product is not available, he can search for a similar one on your site. If the client finds out about the lack of goods already at the stage of placing the order, this may turn out to be unpleasant for him, and he will leave your store.