Outdoor advertising is one of the most popular and popular advertising channels, which is actively used all over the world. Today it is impossible to imagine a modern city without outdoor advertising. However, less and less often each of us notices that it is advertised and the more rarely we get into the essence of advertising, the main reason for this – a large number of advertising designs, as well as mistakes of marketers. In this article we will try to determine what principles to follow when creating and planning outdoor advertising, as well as what types of advertising media are the most popular.

The main mistake is wrongly chosen advertising medium or poor adaptation of the layout to another format, for example, the layout intended for publication in the press is used for such constructions as billboard, visual group, etc. It should also be remembered that outdoor advertising should be concise, because the contact between the consumer and outdoor advertising lasts about 3-5 seconds – during this time, the consumer should understand what product is advertised and read the main message. It is important that the number of words in the advertising did not exceed 5-6, the number of pictures was not 4, and the contrasting colors are not more than 3, otherwise there will be nothing left in the memory of the consumer.

When choosing fonts, it is important to give preference to simple fonts without notches, which is easy to read.  Numerous studies have shown that consumers rarely make an effort to read text if it is difficult to read, so your ad message will go unnoticed.   

Advertising multiple products at the same time, there is a risk that none of them will rush into the attention of the consumer, more effective will be the tactics to place one product and focus on this. If there is a need to advertise several products, the best solution would be to develop several layouts and rent several advertising media.

And, finally, avoid too small details in advertising, the exception is only such information as license number, stock references, etc., contact details should be clearly visible from any distance.

Make your advertising work, effective advice from professionals

As some experts assure, more than 90% of outdoor advertising remains without attention, it is simply not noticed. As is clear, the funds invested in such advertising – do not pay off.  Among the main reasons is the complete absence of creativity. If you still trust the development of advertising designers who offer instead of new interesting ideas – “beautifully”, then your advertising will remain unnoticed.  

When creating an advertisement, it is important to answer the following questions:

  • What kind of goods/services are you selling?
  • What are your goals?
  • What questions help you to solve your product/service?

And, finally, after receiving the finished product, it is important to analyze and evaluate what you have done. It is important to understand how long it takes to understand the information you have been trying to convey; what emotions are caused by your advertising; are you ready to buy your own product/service? Buyers and potential customers should clearly understand what your product gives them, otherwise its acquisition makes no sense. In the advertisement it is necessary to specify how exactly it is possible to receive the promoted goods, and if your offer is promotional – specify the period of the campaign.

Recently, it has become very common practice to conduct preliminary testing with the help of specially selected focus groups. Selecting candidates to participate in surveys is necessary only from your target audience, otherwise the result may be distorted. Observations have shown that this approach helps to choose the right strategy and evaluate the effectiveness of such advertising.