In 2020, Instagram embraced a “boom” called Masslooking. At some point, users noticed that the coverage of their stories became much higher. Hundreds of unsubscribed users started to view their stories in bulk.

And among the viewers were not just shops and brands, but stars and top bloggers. Soon it became clear that the reason for everything was to enter the market of services for mass viewing of stories, in other words – masslooking.

Masslooking became a new way of “gray” promotion to Instagram, and quickly gained popularity. But what is this method? And with its help, can you effectively promote your account? Let us consider this question in as much detail as possible.

What is Masslooking

Mass looking script – mass viewing of third-party user stories. It is a relatively new method of promotion, which has already gained momentum. Masslooking has come to replace mass likes and subscriptions. The task of Masslooking is to attract the attention of potential subscribers. Masslooking aims at the following algorithm of actions:

  • The program or the person himself is mass viewing the stories of strangers;
  • By checking who is watching their stories, users see an unfamiliar account there;
  • Some users click on the viewer of their stories, view their account and, ideally, sign up and start to be active in their profile.

Today, the process is fully automated. In fact, it is a more efficient analogue of massliking.

What do viewings of stories give?

Thanks to mass visibility, this method of promotion provides an increase in subscribers. Masslooking helps to promote an account with a minimal budget, the cost of it is much lower than the targeting advertising. It is also an additional point of contact with subscribers. If the coverage in your profile has dropped, you can awaken activity through views of followers.

The success of Masslooking depends on two components:

  • Competently selected target audience. There is no point in watching the stories of those who can not be interested in your account. The profile of a beauty salon located in Paris will not attract the attention of users from New York. But the location is not limited to everything, you need to consider gender, age, interests of users. You can use subscribers from competitor accounts – it will help save time.
  • Profile filling. Programs perform review of stories, but whether it will catch the profile of users or not, depends on the design. Profile cap should be concise and clear, nickname should be memorable, content should be of high quality and interesting.

Mass viewings alone are not enough for promotion, you need to show originality. If you decide to use Masslooking, do it with some creativity. For example, if you decide to use maslucking: Create an interesting and attractive nickname. Create a username. Many users have noticed that after mass views of other people’s stories, their coverage really increased, and new subscribers started coming to their profile. But it doesn’t work for everyone. Here, as in any method of promotion, there is a chance to miss. It’s worth assessing the effectiveness after a month of using Masslooking. If the coverage increases by at least 2-3% – this is a good result.

Services for mass viewing

The effect of mass viewing of stories can only be seen if there are really many views. It is almost impossible to achieve the result manually. It will take a long time, plus filtering users and searching for accounts to view stories by yourself is very difficult. It is much easier to set up auto-viewing. Special services, like StorieViews will perform the specified actions themselves.