Social media has changed a lot. This is a place where you can find new people and contact them, tell them about yourself and your life, do business or advertise products and services. Instagram is one of the best networks where your ability to attract clients and increase brand coverage doubles. This platform provides enough ways for this. This includes IGTV, which recently appeared in the application, and the publication of posts with photos or videos, and communication in the directorate or in comments.

However, today the most popular trend in Instagram is “story”. Many brands publish stories every day to interest and retain their customers. Artists and celebrities do not stop publishing stories, because they know the real benefits of this – activity and attracting subscribers. That’s why in this article we decided to tell more about Stories in Instagram and about the promotion of this type of publications.

What are Instagram stories?

Stories are special publications, photos or short videos (15 sec) that are only available to other users for 24 hours. After that, the stories are automatically removed from the tape and archived. Recently, Instagram has given users the ability to save current stories in their profiles forever and even categorize them. However, the most important thing in the promotion of the account, of course, are still the stories that your subscribers will see immediately after publication.

All fresh, recently posted stories users see in a separate feed. You can view them by clicking on the avatar of the user whose story you are interested in, and then simply flip through the images by clicking on the right side of the screen. The app will automatically skip to the next user’s stories. That’s a big plus, because people usually look at more stories per day than they do on the main page, because it’s much faster. So the chance that your subscribers will see your story is great. This is exactly what you need to do to get your account noticed and to remind you of yourself. The popularity of stories is determined by the number of views. There is no way to like them, you can comment only by sending a message to the director personally to the user. Therefore, it is the number of views that determines the success of this publication and whether it was effective for promotion.

How do you get your Instagram stories up and running quickly and safely?

To avoid penalties and banners from Instagram administrators, you should understand and follow the logic of algorithms and social network restrictions. And there are several options: to study everything on your own and spend a lot of time, to risk and use free services or to entrust your success to professionals.

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